Tips for You to Change The Brake Light Bulbs on 2016 Honda Accord

Honda Accord is one of the best mid-size sedans. In 2016, I bought my first Honda Accord. I do think the Accord designed to be far superior to the other mid-size sedans on the market. I have leather upholstery in my car, electric seats, sunroof, bi-xenon projector headlight, a spacious, comfortable cabin, and a huge trunk and, most importantly, full connectivity with our phone.

If you are asking me what cons the 2016 Honda Accord has, I will say the car rear lighting. You can see many new cars in 2020 have all led lighting on the exterior and interior. But, on the 2016 Honda Accord, they still use the factory original halogen bulbs on rear lamps. Do you know these mean what? It means you have to change these rear light bulbs every 1-2 years. Because the halogen light bulbs only have 3,000 hours lifespan (actually they have only 1,000 hours in best working condition, then they will be dim and produce less lighting gradually). So, if you have a 2016 Honda Accord, changing the light bulb in the rear lamp is necessary.

Better Lighting Solution for 2016 Honda Accord

Is there any solution to it? Yes, in 2020, led car light is being mature on technology. We find the top car lighting suppliers like Philips, Osram, and all manufacture and supply-led car light bulbs. We can buy these replacement led light bulbs to change the factory original halogen bulbs. LED light bulbs are working in high efficiency and waste very little energy because they produce less heat than halogen bulbs. Now, I opt to led light to change the light bulbs in my car.

Where to Buy Quality Led Lights

These led light bulbs can be found everywhere, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, AutoZone, or any auto parts store. Remember to choose the led light from a famous brand. They promise quality and warranty. Please don’t buy from an unknown brand for a lower price cause they may be burnt out and damage your rear lamp, which makes you lose more when repair.

How to Install Led Bulb in Car

It is quite simple to install these replacement 1157 led bulb in the car. It would help if you had some simple tools and patient. I have changed the rear fog light, backup light, brake light on my Honda Accord to LEDs. Take brake light as an example. You can change the light bulbs in brake light to LEDs in 5 steps.

– Using a Torx screwdriver to remove out the license plate.

– Remove the six screws on the rear bumper for holding the brake light assembly. but keep in mind the main wire harness connected to it.

– Twist out the bulb counterclockwise by hand to remove the bulb from the back of the assembly.

– Please insert the new led bulb into the brake light assembly, fixing it on the socket clockwise, make sure the light bulb is holding well.

– Reinstall the brake light assembly on the rear bumper and turn a quarter-turn clockwise to secure it. Reinstall the six screws on the rear bumper.

– Reattach the license plate and tighten the two screws.

Tips for you to Choose Led Lights

If you want to follow my guide to change the brake light bulbs on your car, these are the tips for choosing the led light bulbs.

– Choose custom LED light bulbs that are specific to your vehicle. For example, you can find LED brake lights designed explicitly as aftermarket lights for Harley Davidson motorcycles and other vehicles.

– Choose switchback LED light bulbs, which are clear LED brake lights with built-in turn signal light. This kind of switchback led light will produce when braking and turn red when using for turn signaling.

– Choose LED light bulbs with higher visibility. Instead of remaining static, these lights continuously flash, allowing you to be seen easily.

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