How to Replace 1991 Honda Civic Headlight Bulbs

If an h4 headlight bulb burns into any vehicle, it must replace immediately. Driving in dark conditions with defective headlights is dangerous and risky. Fortunately, replacing a burnt bulb is a simple process for most vehicles. This h4 led bulb is also true for the 2000 Honda Civic.


Open the hood of the Civic and turn off the engine. Put on the gloves.

Locate the headlight mounting unit. It must locate near the headlight housing.

Disconnect the electrical connector by pulling it and unplugging it from the headlight mounting unit. Remove the harness by tightening the tabs on the side and pulling it out of the headlight mounting unit.

Loosen the plastic housing on the back of the headlight mounting unit by turning counterclockwise.

Remove the plastic housing by pulling it away from the headlight mounting unit. This result will allow access to the h4 light bulb.

Pull the h4 car led bulb from the headlight mounting unit by loosening the retaining clip. Squeeze the tabs on the retaining clip to loosen it. Install a new light bulb by pushing it into the headlight mounting unit. Replace the retaining clip by clicking on the bulb.

Replace the plastic housing of the mounting unit by pushing and locking in place. Reconnect the wiring harness by squeezing the tabs and clicking on the headlight mounting unit again.

Reconnect the electrical connector by plugging it into the back of the headlight mounting unit. Close the hood.

H4 Headlight Bulbs

Tips and warnings

  • Halogen lamps can reach very high temperatures. Allow time for the headlights to cool before replacing the h4 led headlight bulbs.
  • Halogen lamps contain gas under pressure. Releasing them or scratching the surface can cause them to explode.
  • Do not touch the glass part of a halogen headlight bulb. If you do, you can ruin the bulb.

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