How to Install led Headlights on 2007 Honda Civic Si

If you don’t like the look of the h7 headlights on the 2007 Honda Civic SI or are broken or cracked, you can replace it yourself. The headlights house the headlight bulbs. You’ll have to remove some parts to access the h7 led headlight bulb, but the process is simple, although this helps to have a friend to hold some heavy pieces. This result is good news for anyone who wishes to install low beam h7 headlights themselves instead of paying a mechanic.

H7 Headlights


Please turn off the 2007 Honda Civic SI and lift it off the ground with the car jack and two jack stands.

Pry the six spring pivots under the bumper with a flat screwdriver.

Prop open the hood and remove the two spring pivots on both sides of the rack.

Remove the two spring pivots at the front of each wheel well, as well as the 8 mm screws.

Pull the bumper out of the front of the Civic. Carefully leverage, as it is the pressure mounted on the retention cups.

Remove the screw on the top of the headlight assembly. One is on the horizontal side of the defense, and the one on the back of the assembly.

Remove the spring pin on the top of the assembly to loosen the headlight assembly.

Disconnect the wiring harness and pull the h7 led bulb headlight loose from its cavity, but not all the way because one more bolt in the bottom still holds in its. Pull the headlight assembly enough to access this last screw and remove it. Pull the headlight assembly from its cavity.

Mount the replacement white h7 headlight. Reassemble the car by reversing the previous steps.

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