How to Troubleshoot the Headlight Bulb Problems in Honda Civic

If the low beam 9004 headlight bulbs on your Honda Civic are not working, it needs to fix immediately. The headlight malfunction results in a reduced road vision, and drivers who come from the front may not be able to see their vehicle on the road. Besides, most states will issue fines for driving with defective lights. The three most common problems of 9004 headlights that malfunction in any vehicle are loose connectors, blown bulbs, and broken fuses. All three problems have simple solutions that only require a few minutes to accomplish.

Low Beam 9004 Led Headlight


Turn off the Civic’s engine and open the hood. If you are fixing the white 9004 led headlight bulb on the driver’s side, remove the power steering tank by pulling out the vehicle.

Slightly pull the electrical connector at the rear of the headlight assembly. If it is loose or comes out, firmly connect it to the assembly. Try the headlight bulbs. If they still don’t work, there may be a problem with the bulb.

Remove the connector by pressing the tabs on both sides of the connector to unlock it. Remove the desired rubber gasket on the headlight assembly by pulling on the tab. If you are replacing the road light bulb, remove the small rubber seal. If you are replacing the dipped beam bulb, remove the larger rubber seal.

Release the headlamp assembly retaining cable and move it out of the way to access the bulb. Remove the bulb from the vehicle and use a clean cloth to install the new bulb. Move the clamp cable in place and reinstall the rubber seal over the back of the headlight assembly.

Reconnect the electrical connector and, if you are changing the driver’s side light, reinstall the power steering tank. Try the 9004 led headlight bulb. If they still do not work, the problem may be with the headlight fuse.

Remove the fuse box cover under the hood on the driver’s side. Locate the fuses counted “15” and “17” These are the left and right side lamps. If one of the fuses is no longer functional, it will have to replace. A fuse breaks if the metal inside the fuse broke.

Remove the fuse from the fuse box and replace it with a new 15A fuse. Place the lid on the fuse box and close the hood.

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