How to Replace Old Headlight Bulb 2002 Honda Civic LX

The 2001-2005 Honda Civic used a different 9007 led headlight bulb configuration than many vehicles. The headlight is secured by a metal clamp cable, rather than by a typical turn socket. No tools are required to replace your 2002 Civic headlight. Therefore, the procedure is quite simple and can do at home by most, whether mechanically inclined or not. Only use the factory-recommended replacement bulbs for your Honda Civic.

9007 Headlight Bulb


Carefully lift the power steering fluid reservoir from its bracket; set the tank on one side to access the headlight on the driver’s side (do not disconnect the tank hoses).

If replacing the car 9007 light bulb led  on the passenger side, removing the tank is not necessary.

Squeeze the sides of the electrical connector (behind the headlight assembly) to release it; pull the connector immediately to unplug it. Pull the tab on the rubber headlight socket seal to remove the seal.

Loosen the upper part of the clamping wire. Lower the wire to allow access to the low beam 9007 headlight bulb. Focus out.

Insert the replacement bulb (it is not necessary to turn the bulb – insert directly). Lift the clamp cable and hold the top of the mount to secure it.

Replace the rubber seal by pushing it directly into the outlet. Reconnect the electrical connector.

If you have moved the power steering fluid reservoir, put it back in place.

Tips and warnings

  • Touching the glass may damage the replacement bulb. Wear gloves to prevent harmful skin oils from bulbs. The Civic 9007 headlight bulb kit does not have a module or plastic base that can use to hold it; gloves are not optional.

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